Workshop Objective

Do you often ask yourself how ideas are developed?
What makes a good series of photographs?
How do you work and develop a concept and narrative in your photography?
How can you tell a story through your photographs?
How do you edit your story to make an effective photo-essay?

The KLPA Junior Workshop on the 21st April is will shed some light to these questions and prepare you for the photo contest and your future projects.

The mentor photographers will help you develop, create and execute your ideas through the creative process. At this workshop, they will share with you their personal experiences and knowledge on photography, in general.

They will coach you on techniques in developing a story, brainstorming your ideas, deciding on a concept, and learn how to engage and research your surroundings to obtain the information necessary for your story, before executing your story.

Photo mentors info to come..!

Limited availability for these workshops, so register early!


  1. Hi, I'm interested in joining this workshop. But can you state the time for this workshop? What time does it start and what time does it end? Thanks. :)

  2. Hello, my friend and I are very VERY interested in this photography workshop :D and she has a question that goes like 'is this workshop for people with DSLR-ers only?' Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Elycia, no, its for anyone with a camera, preferably something more than a phonecam. Have you registered?