Monday, March 26, 2012


Cheryl Hoffmann is a free-spirited, freelance photographer who spends a lot of time in Malaysia.  Rarely without her camera, she loves to explore, discover and learn.  She is always happy when someone takes a great photo!  She is currently showing her photographs of Hindu culture in Malaysia at a solo exhibit in Kuala Lumpur.  Cheryl invites you to visit her website at and have a look around.


J. Redza was born into a world of art, raised by artists. Her father was a painter, sculptor, art writer, curator, art critic, art historian and an arts professor. Her mother is a batik artist, and lecturer for fashion & textile. Two of her aunts were dancers, choreographers.

She has worked alongside award winning directors such as Yasmin Ahmad, Farouk AlJoffrey, Jamie Quah, Harris Sulong and a few others. She fell in love with photography by the birth of her daughter in Sydney. She began by taking photos of her daughter with the intention of sending baby pictures for her family back in Malaysia while she was away.

Since then she has started to build a reputation as an artist with an eye for truth and sensitivity through her commissioned portraits and conceptual fine art pieces. 


Sue Anna Joe has always been involved with the arts; she liked to draw, write poetry, and was involved in the theater. In 2003, she picked up her first digital camera. She started taking self-portraits and it was during this experimenting stage that she fell in love with photography. She found that photography was the perfect tool for self-expression.

No longer a mere hobby, over the years she has won the International Photography Awards – Self Portrait Pro Category (2009), Filem Festival Malaysia – Best Poster Award (2008) and Vida! Attitude Award (2004). She has also been featured in magazines, media, made television appearances and gave talks and conducted workshops for photography enthusiasts. You can read more about her here.


Vignes Balasingam is an award winning photographer who has invested his entire photographic career to photographing in the fringes of Malaysian society. His work has been exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, Jogjakarta and Hanoi. He heads The Republik, a Kuala Lumpur based photography collective with a regional audience that promotes documentary photography and visual journalism. He has won an award for best album artwork at the Anugerah Industri Muzik for his documentary photography work for the band Estranged. He has also won the Golden Scarf under the mentorship of Ron Haviv in 2009. 

Vignes' work covers stories on urban homelessness, forced migration, foreign labour and contemporary issues. He work has also been published in various magazines including Men's Folio, The National and the CPA magazine. Vignes is a graduate from the University if Westminster with a BMus in contemporary music arrangement.

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